What is it?

Where do you know you need to grow?

 I can help you uncover what’s next—and take action.

My approach is flexible, thoughtful, over-prepared and collaborative.  I offer:

  • editing and writing coaching

  • individual and organizational change consulting

  • educational and research services


I specialize in

  • coaching direct service/front line workers (teachers, social workers, organizer/activists, artists engaging social justice, administrators, therapists and other caregivers)

  • finessing barriers to substantive change (especially in white liberal environments)

  • sharp, all-encompassing analysis:  no context left behind

  • feminist and LGBTQI+ intersectional work 

  • collaboration

  • crisis management and support 

  • practicing and teaching the tools of self-reflection


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Reparations Practice

One of the tenets of my business is that this work should always profit those most impacted. As I rebuild my own resources, 20% of any consulting fees will be sent monthly to UBLAC, a grassroots queer & woman of color-led org in Milwaukee. Over time I hope to increase this amount and offer it to a rotation of individuals and groups doing similar work. This is a practice of reparations grounded in the historical economic realities of my family of origin and the educational system that bolsters my ability to offer this work.