Work in Progress: Scope of Practice

I'm writing or revising at least one poem a day for National Poetry MonthThis is the Day 2 experiment.


April 2

Scope of Practice

Do I have to narrow, stretch, or just deliver?
Does it expand with the dawn?

It shutters when the light goes
My scope of practice
When it's overcast

When I stunt my sleep
I obscure the scope

It's like a scar: here’s where I am marked

by everything I’ve learned. Here’s where you could grow your own scars
If you stay with me

Stay with me, now
If I practice what I deliver
Won’t it be seamless-- 
I won’t need to scope it out first?

What is, what is, what is it?
A song
A kiss
A full moon mist
A laugh as art

Focus artfully
(at least just practice)

It’s too stunted
Too deep
Too shallow
Just right
So practice, princess


Let your scope find