NaPoWriMo2018: Weeks 2-4 update

At the beginning of April, I committed to writing or revising a poem a day.  After Week 1 I posted lines that made me happy.  I continued writing for most of the month, though I didn't quite get to every day. 

(This is a blog thread about writing, but y'all also know that I am interested in healing, habits, practices, and justice.  So I am working on a related post about perfectionism and self commitment.) 

As I kept writing, the poems got more personal, intense, and dense--coming from a place that feels important to protect from this more public setting.  The line between poem-writing and journaling became much, much less defined.  I started expressing in a way that was more visceral, less coherent.  More expression, less revision and reconstruction.

It did feel like I was constructing, however--like I was constructing a self, in the way that people express onto the page a version of themselves to see.  Not a persona, though, but fragments of myself that I wasn't sure I could get out to be visible without the more terse and difficult words of these poems. 

At some point these might be--will be--deeper songs or poems that I'll share.  But for now, that's the update.